Monday, February 18, 2013


Town has been all abuzz the last little while, with the crew of Kokkedoor, bringing with them a lovely energy. 70 of them!  Helicopters, cameras, lights and action!  Some have even suggested they are going to put forward the suggestion that Bentley Karoo gets a spot somewhere.  Now just how cool would that be for a big old Dane.  Mind you, we can't go for a walk anywhere without people stopping to admire the boy, so I think he pretty much feels like a star anyway, whether he actually does make it onto a TV programme or not.  And poor old Bailey?  Well he just doesn't even get noticed down there.  He sort of gets forgotten, except by Willem.  Willem prefers him by miles, calls him a real dog, but I think he's just trying to level out the playing field so the little Bailey doesn't feel so bad.  Their mother loves them both!
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