Monday, April 29, 2013


Because I was working throughout the festival, I only managed a very quick run around with my camera at the wrong time for photos, but here are pics of what the stalls looked like.  Lovely!

Okay so this is a first!  A photo is busy downloading and it's three quarters of the way loaded and suddenly is reverses and starts at the beginning again.  Internet very very slow here today, so am going to try and complete this later, or perhaps over the next few days.

Olive branches on the entrance arches.

Well done to Imka and Helene for keeping the kids busy.  You did a great job! Wish I had a better shot of you and your stall.

Bunting by the kids.

Friday, April 26, 2013


I've realized it really isn't good to make all your pictures smaller to email from my laptop to my desktop as I lose so much quality!  Why do I do it to begin with?  Because certain sites are just not accessible from my laptop!!  Which is hugely annoying.  I have tried everything to get past this, to no avail!  If anyone has any new suggestions, I'd be most grateful.  Thanks.

Anyway, take a look at the truly beautiful quilt made by the ladies of the quilting club to commemorate Price Albert turning 250 years last year.  I have made it large so you can see all the detail.  You ladies did a fabulous job.  Well done!


The Olive Festival starts this afternoon, so the main road is closed off.  Don't you just love the sign?

I can't help but notice that my letter to the Friend was ignored and late yesterday I observed 2 massive lorries struggling to pass each other again in Mark Street.  I wonder who will be responsible if a parked vehicle is damaged?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This information has been put together by Barbara Castle, Independent Journalist.


FRIDAY 26th April

7am - 9am: Gay's Guernsey Dairy - milk, yoghurt, award-winning cheeses10am - 4pm: Weltevrede Fig Farm open for fig sales (today and Saturday)10am - 4 pm: Artist Clive Heyne paints your portrait (in the Markie) R25 for 15min. sitting10am onwards: Visit Sculpture Garden at Villa Kruger. Call 0741039454 to book at R50 pp10am - 12pm: Gay's Guernsey Dairy - milk, yoghurt, award-winning cheeses2pm - 5pm: Open Gardens. Tickets R25 pp for the weekend from the Tourism Office.3.30pm - 5.30pm:Guided Nature Walk. Cost:R60pp - See DETAILS page for more info4pm - 6pm: Gay's Guernsey Dairy - milk, yoghurt, award-winning cheeses5pm - 6pm: Striking Metal blacksmith forge demonstrations in Skapieseinde5.30pm: Official opening of Festival in Church Street5.30pm - 6pm: Minerals Explained. R10 Adults/R5 Kids. See DETAILS page for more5.45 - 7.15pm: Art after Dark Villa Kruger Art House.Tickets 200pp via CONTACT US page6:30pm - 7:30pm: Lah-di-dah presents an evening with Film Director, Paul Eilers. Paul shares a ‘behind the scenes’ account of his Award Winning film, Verraaiers, as well as readings & poems from the Boer War. Tickets include a glass of wine and a gourmet boerie-roll. Tickets R100pp from Lah-di-dah, or phone 023 5411 846 to book your seat8pm - 9pm: Brian Finch /Dave Ferguson live performance in the Concert Tent9pm - 10pm: Ghost Walk with Ailsa Tudhope - See DETAILS page for more information

SATURDAY 27th April
6.30am: Mountain Bike Race registration (Start:7am) - See DETAILS page for more info
7am - 6pm: Gay's Guernsey Dairy - milk, yoghurt, award-winning cheeses
7am - 9am: Guided Nature Walk. Cost:R60pp - See DETAILS page for more information
9am - 3pm: Visit Prince Albert Olives
9am - 5pm: Soet Karoo wine tasting at cellar
9am - 5 pm: Witblits stook and tasting behind the Fransie Pienaar Museum
10am onwards: Visit Sculpture Garden at Villa Kruger. Call 0741039454 to book at R50 pp
10am - 4 pm: Artist Clive Heyne paints your portrait (in the Markie) R25 for 15min. sitting
All Day: Solar Gazing in the street through Astro Tours solar telescope. R5 per viewing.
10am-12pm: Craft workshop for kids (6 -12yrs). Book at Kaleidoscope shop in Church Street or call Michelle on 082 443 8275. Cost incl. material plus surprise treat R75/child.
10am - 4pm: Weltevrede Fig Farm open for fig sales (closed on Sunday)
11am: Olive pip spitting competition
12pm - 4pm: Swartberg Hotel - High Tea in the Victoria room, Swartberg Hotel
2pm - 5pm: Open Gardens. Tickets R25 pp for the whole weekend at the Tourism Office.
2.30pm – 3pm: Minerals Explained.R10 Adults/R5 Kids. See DETAILS page for more info
3.30pm – 5pm:Guided historical Walk through town - See DETAILS page for more info
5pm – 6pm:   Striking Metal blacksmith forge demonstrations in Skaapieseinde
5.45 - 7.15pm:  Art after Dark show at Villa Kruger Art House and Sculpture Garden. Tickets at R200pp can be booked via CONTACT US page 
6.30pm - 9pm:  Sarah Theron live in the Concert Tent. Tickets just R120pp and include snacks along with a glass of wine to get you in the mood.
8pm til late: Mustang Sally's - Barnyard style show
9pm - 10pm: Ghost Walk with Ailsa Tudhope - See DETAILS page for more information
SUNDAY 28th April
7am - 11.30am:       Gay's Guernsey Dairy - milk, yoghurt, award-winning cheese & more
7am - 9am:              Guided Nature Walk. Cost:R60pp - See DETAILS page for more info
All morning               Breakfast and brunch food available in the street
9am - 10.30am:       Guided Historical Walk through town - See DETAILS page for info
10am – 12 pm         Artist Clive Heyne paints your portrait (Markie) R25 for 15 min sitting
4.30pm – 6pm:        Gay's Guernsey Dairy - milk, yoghurt, award-winning cheese & more

 Handmade in the Karoo ladies with examples of their exquisite articles
Visit their stall at the craft market, or find their products at Karoo Looms and Lah-Di-Dah. 
4pm                                    Opens with background music 
6:30pm - 8:30pm             Brian Finch
8 :30pm - 10pm                Dave Ferguson
8am - 9am                         Saxophone Duo from De Rust 
9am - 10am                       Brand New Colony (trio on guitar) 
10am - 10:15am                Opening speech by the Mayor 
10:15am - 11am               Zig Zag 
12pm - 1pm                       Comedians 
1pm - 2pm                         Okkie Boere musiek session
2pm - 3pm                         Slam Jam 
3pm - 3:45pm                   Brand New Colony
3:45pm - 4:30pm             Saxophone Duo from De Rust 
4:30pm - 5pm                   Background Music – Tobie and MC
5:00pm - 6:30pm              Stage and tent closed for Sarah Theron concert setup 
6:30pm - 8pm                   Sarah Theron live in concert – Storm in a D-Cup
8pm - 10pm                      Music Farai Disco

Sunday10am - 11:30am             Church choirs12 noon                       Closing of Festival8am  - 10am                Background music - Tobie

Monday, April 22, 2013


The hoods we attract in this town!  No, 3 of the 4 stokers.

Brian, Judy and Bokkie

John, Judy and Bokkie.  All stokers.

At first glance of Bokkie in his cape, I thought he was heading for the Merlin look, but then he was missing the pointed hat.  What I do have to say is that he and the team are wizards at stoking witblitz!

Annette, the forth stoker who hates the camera.

Willem who did the lamb potjie.

Sandra, one of the organizers.

Making coals.

Hugh, one of the organizers.

Lamb potjie on the go.

Mystery man with wicked laughing eyes.

Julie and Judy

Richard and George

Eileen and Richard

Potjie man Willem.

Fabulously sensible boots 

Cathy at her first Prince Albert potjie evening.

Rosemary, Peter and Johann

Didier and Colleen sharing something naughty!

Helene and Bodo dressed for the cold.

A group enjoying a drink whilst waiting for dinner to be served.

Twee sisters, Tannie Magda en Tannie Adrie.

Judy filling us in on what we need to know about stoking.

Here it comes, the brew itself over a lime leaf for extra flavour.

How many museums do you know are licensed to brew witblitz to raise funds?  Probably none.  But now you do, because that is the Prince Albert Museum.  Every year a group of stokers get together to brew their special brew.  You have to be brave to brave this brew at an 80% alcohol content.  Well so I thought, until one aged Tannie informed me that no, one person can easily enjoy 3 tots of the stuff!!  Right!  You can have mine.  Getting it anywhere near my mouth, and therefore my nose almost knocks me out, it's so strong.  Whew!  But then she's got years of experience on me of course.  

It was a fresh evening on Saturday when the annual witblitz evening was held here in Prince Albert.  As usual, tickets were sold out, even though they had increased the number this year.  Willem produced as always, a delicious lamb potjie, Leon made a scrumptious  lamb curry potjie and and ostrich potjie, and then there were vegetarian dishes as well as chicken dishes, salads, samp and rice.  Always a lovely evening of getting together with real comfort food and mampoer as it is also known.  

Many thanks to all the organizers and contributors for always making this such a memorable event. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013


No, I'm not going ostrich farming.  Today's totally unrelated photo of our delightfully ugly looking friends that reside around here, is just for fun!

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback both for the last post, which was the wedding and for the blog itself.  It's much appreciated! My new project, which the Prince Albert locals know about, is my Karoo Weddings website.  It is still a work in progress, but will be a one stop info shop for brides to be who wish to get married in Prince Albert.  It will feature venues, vintage car hire, ministers, caterers etc. Down the line it will grow to all events and I am also going to offer my services as an events coordinator for those who cannot get here to organize their event themselves.  I am absolutely thrilled with the response I have had from service providers thus far in Prince Albert.  Thanks to you all.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Many thanks to Yvette and Johnny at Lah Di Dah for allowing the dogs and I to while away time in your beautiful environment.  Yesterday was Bentley's third birthday and the boys enjoyed their time relaxing on the lawn while I enjoyed playing with my new camera, preparing for the wedding on Saturday.  Thanks also to Tilla for your time and showing me some tricks.  I sat there playing with different settings and seeing what I came up with.  Still need some work to do to get it all right.  Wonderful to be able to shoot weddings now without having to change cameras and lenses all the time!!  This SX50 has a 50x optical zoom, which is fantastic, but loses quality once you extend into using the digital zoom which can be seen in the pic of the doves. Sitting on the veranda of Michelle's shop, I could zoom into the screws holding the number on the pillar of the house across the road.  Awesome stuff!

Friday, April 5, 2013


My beautiful boy, and his side-kick, Bailey.