Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Just a pic or two on the road to Fraserburg with Willem on Saturday.  We didn't stop much so I didn't get many shots and these were pretty rushed.  The drive from here to there is still one of my best.  I just love the scenery.  The Teekloof Pass is gorgeous too!  It was good to see that the river was flowing and the Karoo bossies were so green.  This part where we stopped is grassy, or should be.  Sadly many farmers have overgrazed the land.

It was a very quick trip to collect a few boxes and to check on my beautiful home there.  Oh how I wish I could pick that property up and transfer it to Prince Albert.
Silly dreams!

Monday, July 22, 2013


On Saturday Willem and I went out to the farm and went for a walk and a drive.  The man is like a Klipspringer on the rocks.  He knows every bush and outcrop like the back of his hand.  We sat there just admiring the view from a koppie and he told me about how as a child, growing up there, his job was to go out and collect the lambs in the mountains.  He ran across those mountains every day and he got to know them well.  How many people do you know had that privilege growing up.  I compare that life style and mine growing up on a farm to that of kids today growing up in front of  televisions and computers.  How blessed we were.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tammy - Sweet Angel of Mine

Not a day goes by without my thinking of this gorgeous girl.  It's been 5 years since she died.  She was all skin and bone when I took her away from her abusive family, and she turned out to be my dog soul mate.

A big hug

Illegal driver

Queen Tammy

I love water

Water nymph

I wrote her this poem when I lost her:
Sweet Angel of Mine

Sweet Baby Girl, Sweet Angel of mine
You blessed my life, for a moment in time
You came to me, a gift from Above
You filled my life with happiness and love.

You started off all skin and bones
And ended up a Queen on a throne
The children waved and called your name,
You loved to be a part of their game.

You grew into a giant force
Some even called you ‘a little horse’
You had a presence we could not ignore
A precious dog we all adored.

You loved the car, wind in your face
The driver’s seat, you thought your place
People stopped to point and laugh
And even take a photograph.

You loved to run and play and swim
The biggest, wildest water nymph
You pruned the roses, thorns and all,
You chewed the trees and mowed the lawn.

You followed me all over the place
Who could resist that beautiful face?
You were so loyal, so strong and true
A better friend, I couldn’t ask of you.

Your purpose here, so clearly defined
To help me through some trying times
You’ve gone I know, but I’ll be fine

Sweet Baby Girl, Sweet Angel of mine.