Monday, September 23, 2013


Okay, so I've been out of action for some time.  Been busy with work, computers down and sorted once more, with greatest thanks to Francois Hougaard of Breedevallei Rekenaars.  All he did on my laptop was remove the spyware, whereas I was told I would have to reload windows which was going to be a "massive job".  So glad someone knows what they're doing!  He also replaced the work desktop which is working like a bomb!!

So you know me by now, I can't resist the moon and taking photos of it.  I decided to clean up my laptop and went through all my photos, and am still not through them yet, but have already remove around 20 000 odd, (no, that's not finger trouble), many of which were of the moon.  Being a Cancerian, I am supposed to be influenced by it, so perhaps that's where the intrigue comes from.

Last week I had a really fun shoot with Brian Finch, our local rocker, formally of Finch and Henson, and his wife Marion.  They've chosen the better shots for publicity, covers etc, so I won't publish those, but here are a couple for you to see.  Google Brian Finch and do yourselves a favour and get hold of his music.  It really is fabulous!  This guitar case of Brian's is 40 years old and has traveled the world with him.  He is touring overseas more and more and is opening for Prime Circle in PE next weekend. 

Comedian, Nick Rabinowitz was in town this weekend at the Jans Rautenback Schoberg Theatre, and I am so glad I was advised to go and ever so grateful to Sandy Bouwer who offered me a ticket, because the man had us rolling in our seats. We were holding our stomachs and crying with laughter.. What a treat.  This was accompanied by a cheese and wine as well as the Somerset College Jazz Band.  How wonderful it was to see such great talent in our youth.  So many thanks to Simon who brings them here from time to time for our sheer listening pleasure.

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