Thursday, October 17, 2013


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Thanks very much to Berlinda who called me last night and said to go along to the airstrip with my camera and see what was parked there.  Well what a lovely surprise!

I took the 'woof-boys' along and they were so engrossed in all the wonderful smells that they didn't even notice the great big aeroplane.  I eventually had to get them to 'sit and stay or else!' for a pose.  So Bentley plonked himself down and stayed, sitting in a bit of an awkward position, but I guess he thought he didn't dare move or he may be barked at.  And the marks on Bailey's nose, it's Bentley gob in case you wanted to know.

What a stunning evening it was with a gorgeous sunset, which I will post on the next blog.

Flying ears and tongues with a beauty in the background.

A rare sight for us!

The boys being made to pose.

The tongues getting shorter.

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