Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A lazy evening on Therese's stoep.  An evening here always consists of good wine, delicious food and great company.  Daniel her son came up with her this time.  He's just returned from living in China for a few years.  Daniel is a vegetarian, and believes that to eat meat, one must value and appreciate what you are eating and therefore be able to slaughter it yourself.  He went on his mission and slaughtered a chicken, Therese cooked it, and we had it for dinner.  I'm not sure if it was psychological or what, but I battled to eat that chicken.  Aren't I just the hypocrite!  It's so much easier to eat meat when you don't have to know the gory details.  Therese always serves gourmet meals, but I didn't enjoy the chicken.  The veges were marvelous, and so too were the Adams figs with bulgarian yoghurt at the end.  Yum.  Sorry guys!  but I'm glad I was there to try it with you.
What lovely evenings we've whiled away on this verandah, a gentle breeze (and sometimes a howling gale) blowing the white curtains, the view of the windmills, the chickens fussing about, the geese resting near by on the perfectly green lawn framed by a myriad of colour from the flower beds.

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