Monday, February 18, 2013


Die groot Kokkedoor?  Television comes to town.  The Afrikaans version of Master Chef is being filmed right here in Prince Albert.  The film crew have been in town for weeks, scouting locations, restoring an old barn, and setting up the 'stage' for the big cook up.  It's fun meeting the people that come to town and learning about their lifestyles.I feel sorry for them.  Each of them is passionate about what they do and they are happy with their travelling, unsettled lives, but I grin to myself and think how lucky I am that I have roots here in the Karoo.  One of them was telling me this morning how he hasn't been home since December and how he is looking forward to his wife visiting him in Prince Albert.  They've made sacrifices in their lives to do what they love to do.  I chose to sacrifice money for lifestyle.  My friends in the IT industry keep saying come back to Joburg and earn real money again, but I am richer with what I have here, clean air, magnificent vistas and a very low crime rate.  I can walk my dogs after dark and not feel threatened.  Life is about choice.  The Karoo is my choice.
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