Saturday, February 16, 2013


It's a magnificent day in Prince Albert.  A great day to start a blog!  I am awaiting a new laptop cable so the logo and things will only be improved upon in a little while if you could be patient with me.  

Through this blog  I am going to let you experience life in the Karoo.  I am going to get you involved in the lifestyle, the living, even if it's only in a read, in your head, but you are going to see it all.  It's such a good life, that you're going to want to come here and experience it all for yourselves!  

You'll be introduced to the shops and restaurants, meet the people, hear about the events, get the recipes and get to find out what goes on, on a day to day basis.

A couple of days ago I sat down and started the blog.  It was called Karoo Lifestyle.  I was on my way.  And then to my horror, I discovered there is a shop in Pretoria called Karoo Lifestyle, and I'm like, hello, isn't that a little like a shop called Pretoria-by-the-sea?  So it was back to the drawing board.  Chanel my niece, the one who talked me into this, and is in the ad industry in Johannesburg, said she'd help with a new name.  I suggested the name of my old shop, Karoo Hues.  She'd give it some thought.  She came back to me and said someone was already using the name and had a lovely logo, just what mine should look like.  I was most put out and googled it myself, only to discover that someone had taken a photo of my old sign and posted it on the net.  So here we are, and Karoo Hues the blog is born.  

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