Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Karoo Hues


This is such a wonderful place to be.  I couldn't ask for more.  Chatting on Facebook yesterday to an old friend whom I haven't seen in many years, and catching up, just reminded me of why I'm here.  He was saying that he was looking forward to going back to the farm after spending some time in Durban.  I was saying how I can only spend very short periods of time in the city now, and then I'm hankering to get back to the country. I've said this often and I'll continue to say it, I'd rather be poor here, than rich in the city.  My riches come from the mountains...the fresh air....the views....the interesting plants....watching the birds....watching a tortoise take a lazy walk and enjoy a meal on a vygie.......taking my dogs for long walks, getting home after dark and not having to worry about my safety.....seeing a kudu leap over the fence to browse on the other side.......seeing the eyes of a baby lynx caught in my headlights, then watching it sprint away into the safety of darkness......and the wonderful friends I've made here, that I can call family.

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