Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Sunday almost didn't exist, it sped by in a blur of organizing, washing, ironing, packing, etc etc etc.  Finally I'm getting a break.  My friend Therese has talked me into heading off to the rat-race and spending time time in Cape Town.  Fab!  Thanks to Wendy and Jill, I had a lift.

Along the way we stopped off at a lovely farm stalled called Die Veldskoen.  Well done to Wennie and Lorna Barnard and Jacques and Nadia le Roux for putting together such a lovely road stop.  The Veldskoen is filled with pretty things, gorgeously packed preserves and homemade treats, and the coffee shop serves delicious food.

Along the way I tried to take photos out the window but every insect on the windscreen looked like a dinosaur splattered across the landscape.

I was delivered and collected from Cavendish Square, then Therese took me to her home where I am staying for a week.  How beautiful is this place?   TOO BEAUTIFUL!!  I'll get to post photos soon.
Therese has an art collection like I've never seen before in one place, besides an art gallery.  She tells me that when she was a teenager, instead of buying dresses, she saved her money and bough art.
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