Monday, February 18, 2013


It's a sunny Monday morning and the temperatures are due to soar.  It is February after all and from next month we can look forward to cooler weather again.  I'm sure the dogs will be happy, the cooler the weather, the longer the walks.  Saturday night, a two hour walk, last night, no walk at all.  

Prince Albert is very blessed as it is one of about only five towns left in South Africa that still get water from the mountains.  It's called lei water(there doesn't seem to be an exact translation of the word lei, the closest would be irrigation), and it is channelled through little canals throughout the town.  This lei water is very strictly regulated.  It is written into the property deed if the property is a recipient of this water, and exactly which hours the property receives the water.  So you could be allocated any time of the day or night, and if your allocation is between 01H10 and 02H35, best you stick to those times exactly.  Water is a particularly precious commodity here due to our low rainfall figures.  Not all properties are lucky enough to have an allocation, and having it, ads value to the price of any property.

On the subject of property, Prince Albert is also one of the few towns that was not hit badly by the economy in recent years.  Sales most definitely slowed down, but the values of the properties did not drop, and they continue to rise.  Prince Albert has been for years, and still is a great investment.

So what does Prince Albert have to offer?

  • We have the majestic Swartberg Mountains with the Swartberg Pass and Meiringspoort 
  • Take a drive to 'Die Hell'
  • We have a fun farmers market on Saturday mornings
  • We have the Gamkapoort Dam
  • We are spoilt for choice with good restaurants
  • Have a coffee on a coffee shop stoep
  • We have lovely, quaint shops selling gorgeous hand crafted items, old style furniture, gifts, mohair products etc, art galleries and a fabulous weavery. We also have other exciting shops like Watershed specialising in a more retro look.
  • We have a dairy with award winning cheeses
  • Go wine tasting at our wine farms
  • We have artists in abundance
  • Do an art after dark tour with Hennie Boshoff
  • We have fabulous guest accommodation
  • Hire a bike and ride up the Swartberg Pass or into 'Die Hell' (for the seriously fit!)
  • Take a walk with Judy McGuire and John Begg and learn all about the archeology, rock art, geology and fossils of the area
  • Listen to local tales by the Story Weaver
  • Book with Astro tours to learn about the stars and see through impressive telescopes
  • Take a natural history walk with Sue and Richard Dean to learn all about the flora of the area and much more
  • Take a walk up the Koppie
  • Visit our olive farms with state of the art presses and buy fabulous olive oil
  • Play a round of golf
  • Visit our wonderful museum
  • Watch an art house or local movies at the movie club. (Every second Wednesday)
  • Take cookery classes
  • Join a yoga or pilates class or go to gym
  • Visit the nurseries
  • Or just laze about enjoying a good book
  • Best of all enjoy the view and peace and quiet Prince Albert has to offer.
There's so much to do here, you'll never be bored!  

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