Thursday, February 21, 2013


People always ask me "what brought you to the Karoo?"  Well here's the start of that story......I'll take you back to the beginning of this journey, to the Fraserburg days........

Ten years ago I decided it was time for a lifestyle change.  I was fed up with the city, the noise, the pollution and the traffic jams.  I decided at that point to start looking for a place in the country to relocate to.  I gave up the corporate life and bought a small silk business that I was sure I could run from anywhere in the country, as long as there was a post office within easy reach. 

A few years later, two weeks before my 40th Birthday, I moved to a little, remote farming village called Fraserburg in the Karoo Highlands.  Until I had taken the time to drive slowly through the back roads of the Karoo, exploring with my friend Carol, I had the stereotypical belief that the Karoo was just a large arid and desolate region, a place that most people find boring and depressing.  This perception is of course one that is acquired due to people making their trips between Johannesburg and Cape Town all about the destination and not about the journey.  From the main road, there is not all that much to see.  That eye opening trip and my experiences since moving here have proven quite the contrary.  Through this blog, I would like to show you, the reader, that there is so much diversity and beauty within the Karoo.  You just need to look to find it.  May you enjoy the hues of the Karoo, together with my experiences as much as I do.

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