Saturday, March 2, 2013


Thanks to Michelle from Cupcake Country, I was very lucky to be given a free badge to get into Design Indaba with Therese yesterday.  It's huge! What an exciting place to be with so many creative minds in one place at the same time.  I was familiar with some of the stand holders names and products because of stocking their items in my shop, but there were so many interesting things there.

I think the designers of the furniture and lamps were outstanding!  There were a lot of smaller little items that were very nice.  Cut-outs of various sorts seem to be in, whether out of wood or metal.  There were items that were interesting and fascinating even, and kept my mind at work as to how they were done.  For example, two different stands had 'vases' and 'bowls' created out of fabric and sewing, which I have no idea how they got those shapes through a sewing machine, and they were most definitely machined.  Completely impractical of course, purely decorative, but interesting.  There were beads and bracelets made of paper, and wearable.  There were lovely art pieces, jewelry, and so much more.  There were also a lot of awful things, ugly and produced badly.  For instance, who in their right minds would want a game skin badly trimmed in two different colour trims.  Garish and just plain yuk!

I loved the pebble skirt and top, but was very disappointed to see how the sewing was coming apart in many places and the beading was falling off as a result.

Sadly I never took my camera because one, I wasn't sure that photographs would be allowed and two, I thought I may go back today.  However I found one day more than enough.


Therese and I met up with her cousins for lunch at El Burro in Green Point on Thursday and enjoyed delicious, hot and spicy Mexican food.  Tonight we are headed right back there!
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