Thursday, March 28, 2013


We are so often so taken up with our own lives that we don't stop to think about the lives of others.    Growing up in the fresh air and wide open spaces of the Karoo is such a blessing for some, and yet the hardships that can accompany that could bring tragedy with it too.  I love to look at the faces of the older folk and how interestingly they age.  Each line telling it's own story.  How hard has life been?  Are the lines on that face from walking and working the sun searing sun?  Are they from stress, from abuse?  Or are some of them brought on from the abuse of alcohol? 

I see old men working the lands, shearing the sheep.  I see old women collecting wood, tending to children.  And then I learn, they're not all old, some just look old.  Some in fact, are younger than I am, and then you know, life has been tough.

I look, and I wonder, what is your story?

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