Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Well Easter Weekend has just come and gone, and what a lovely busy weekend it was in Prince Albert.  The shops, restaurants and guest houses were all busy.  As usual on Saturday morning we had the farmers market, only we were a few stall short as people had themselves gone away.  Too bad, it was lovely as always.  

The little kitty featured here, was a guest a my house this weekend.  It rained beautifully all weekend, and during a downpour, I heard a kitten crying outside.  I opened my front door and in strolled this madam of about 4 - 5 months old, and simply took over the house.  The four boys could not believe their eyes!  They were all intrigued, but for Pumpkin Pie it was love at first sight.  He could not leave her alone.  She was definitely in charge.  Until she got used to them, if they came to close, she growled and hissed.  It took a very short time for them all to settle down and madam jumped on the bed and  went to sleep, but not before demanding a huge amount of cuddles.  When I ignored her, she got up and rubbed her cheek against mine, and who could resist that?

We went for a drive trying to find her owner, to no avail.  But finally last night someone said they'd heard of a  little cat that sounds like this one.  Sure enough,  her owners were away for the weekend and she had gone walk about.  I'm told she has a reputation for walking into church on Sundays were she has a good selection of cat lovers for attention.  Bless her!!

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