Monday, April 8, 2013


Many thanks to Yvette and Johnny at Lah Di Dah for allowing the dogs and I to while away time in your beautiful environment.  Yesterday was Bentley's third birthday and the boys enjoyed their time relaxing on the lawn while I enjoyed playing with my new camera, preparing for the wedding on Saturday.  Thanks also to Tilla for your time and showing me some tricks.  I sat there playing with different settings and seeing what I came up with.  Still need some work to do to get it all right.  Wonderful to be able to shoot weddings now without having to change cameras and lenses all the time!!  This SX50 has a 50x optical zoom, which is fantastic, but loses quality once you extend into using the digital zoom which can be seen in the pic of the doves. Sitting on the veranda of Michelle's shop, I could zoom into the screws holding the number on the pillar of the house across the road.  Awesome stuff!
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