Monday, April 22, 2013


The hoods we attract in this town!  No, 3 of the 4 stokers.

Brian, Judy and Bokkie

John, Judy and Bokkie.  All stokers.

At first glance of Bokkie in his cape, I thought he was heading for the Merlin look, but then he was missing the pointed hat.  What I do have to say is that he and the team are wizards at stoking witblitz!

Annette, the forth stoker who hates the camera.

Willem who did the lamb potjie.

Sandra, one of the organizers.

Making coals.

Hugh, one of the organizers.

Lamb potjie on the go.

Mystery man with wicked laughing eyes.

Julie and Judy

Richard and George

Eileen and Richard

Potjie man Willem.

Fabulously sensible boots 

Cathy at her first Prince Albert potjie evening.

Rosemary, Peter and Johann

Didier and Colleen sharing something naughty!

Helene and Bodo dressed for the cold.

A group enjoying a drink whilst waiting for dinner to be served.

Twee sisters, Tannie Magda en Tannie Adrie.

Judy filling us in on what we need to know about stoking.

Here it comes, the brew itself over a lime leaf for extra flavour.

How many museums do you know are licensed to brew witblitz to raise funds?  Probably none.  But now you do, because that is the Prince Albert Museum.  Every year a group of stokers get together to brew their special brew.  You have to be brave to brave this brew at an 80% alcohol content.  Well so I thought, until one aged Tannie informed me that no, one person can easily enjoy 3 tots of the stuff!!  Right!  You can have mine.  Getting it anywhere near my mouth, and therefore my nose almost knocks me out, it's so strong.  Whew!  But then she's got years of experience on me of course.  

It was a fresh evening on Saturday when the annual witblitz evening was held here in Prince Albert.  As usual, tickets were sold out, even though they had increased the number this year.  Willem produced as always, a delicious lamb potjie, Leon made a scrumptious  lamb curry potjie and and ostrich potjie, and then there were vegetarian dishes as well as chicken dishes, salads, samp and rice.  Always a lovely evening of getting together with real comfort food and mampoer as it is also known.  

Many thanks to all the organizers and contributors for always making this such a memorable event. 

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