Friday, August 30, 2013


So the time finally came when I packed my bags and caught Greyhound from Prince Albert Road, where my friend Richard kindly delivered me, to Harrismith, where my very kind brother-in-law Vaughn collected me after pulling himself out of bed at some ridiculous hour of the morning to leave home at 4am and be there on time at 5am, only for us to be running an hour late.

The bus was great and the driver did a superb job.  The passengers on the other hand were the pits.  Not out of hand or misbehaved, just talked the whole 13hrs and their cell phones went off the entire night!  Now I'm not talking twice in an hour here, I'm talking every 5 to 10 minutes, so I had a full 1hr and 10 mins sleep through the night.

I always know just how magnificent this area is, but just need to be here to remind myself from time to time.  In sheer haste my first shot was taken on the wrong setting, but since I missed the moment thereafter, you'll get to see it anyway.

The eland and zebra are visiting the Berg House and Cottages too at the moment, as well as numerous other antelope, according to Vaughn.  I can't wait to see them all.  I didn't get close enough to shoot the zebra this morning as I was desperate to get to see the family and for a good cup of coffee.

It's really great to be here after 4 years and to see all the improvements that Chantal and Vaughn have done to the place.

Okay, so the internet has slowed down to a dead halt which I'm told happens at this time of the day, so my pics won't download.  So, instead of wasting another hour fighting with this, I am going to load the rest of todays photos tomorrow.  Catch you then!
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