Tuesday, September 3, 2013

All night a runaway fire raged across the little Berg.  We were up early this morning, Vaughn rallying his team to go and fight the fire that was approaching the Berghouse and Cottages with the wind blowing in this direction.  Chantal and I were dressed and ready in case it got close to the horses and we would need to go and open gates to give them an escape route.  Just as we thought they were finally under control, Vaughn has just received another call to say it has flared up again, so out the men have gone once more.  Much of what you see beyond the green fire-breaks here has since burnt already.  As a result the game have all moved to the back of the farm and out of harms way.  May the winds die down and the fires cease! 


I think one of the problems here is the programme as I am not able to get the options tab for these photos for sizing etc.  So again, please forgive the errors.
Now compare the above photos from yesterday, to what is going on today......

Beyond the mini's paddock, is a firebreak, and adjacent to that, Vaughn and  the team did another controlled burn when the wind changed as an extra precaution.  And the winds have died right down to a gentle breeze.  Thank you!!

More to come.  Not sure what powers that be have decided that no more photos shall be uploaded on this blog.  What a bitty blog you've had for the past few days!!!
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