Sunday, September 1, 2013


This morning whilst on a walk, a leopard kill was stumbled upon.  It took a juvenile eland by the neck and disemboweled it as leopard do.  How exciting is that!  The Berg is full of action!

The cyclists that were here for the warm up to the Berg and Bush Cycle Race on the 10th of October have now left The Berg House and Cottages, as have all Chanel's friends that that were here for the weekend. The new guests have checked in, bar one couple, and once they have, Chantal and I are off on a walk to see the zebra and eland as well as any other game that may be around.  Grey duiker with young, common and mountain reedbuck and grey rhebok have also been seen here today.  The young crowd woke up this morning with the eland right outside their bedroom windows.

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