Monday, September 30, 2013


My friend Michelle invited me to Sunday lunch at the hotel which was delicious!  Thanks very much Michelle.  I then went home for an unsuccessful Sunday afternoon nap, so I decided to pop into the office for a little while.  The dogs went with and were so excited to be there.  Bentley's tail almost sent the tea tray flying, but I managed to rescue it just in time.  They settled and behaved beautifully until Bailey got bored, so I took them for their Sunday afternoon drive which is always fun, and is just as much for my benefit as theirs.  We only go to the pass turn-off and back, but at snails pace so they can smell all the smells, check out the baboons and bark at the tortoises telling them to get a move on!

After dropping them off at home again I popped into Willem's for a cup of tea and then we fetched Dorrien and went off for a spot of fishing.  Jock the Labrador cannot resist water at any temperature, and I suspect his swim is what chased all the fish away.  But while the men were trying to catch fish, I took advantage of the light.

This morning a few of us were sitting on the Swartberg Hotel stoep chatting over a cup of coffee, when the very large tour bus loaded up it's elderly travellers after a weekend in and around Prince Albert and left for their next destination.  About half an hour later, Charon the hotel owner, looks up and sees two very irate old biddies standing on the pavement in a fury!  They'd been left behind.  Tilla suggested that the hotel remove the prunes from the stewed fruit in the mornings.........much to our amusement.  The bus returned and collected the old girls with much sweet talking from the tour leader!  I still can't believe that none of the others noticed that they were missing some of their team.  Judging by the comments that were coming from some of them, they weren't all getting on too well with each other and who knows, perhaps they were hoping the bus would just keep going.

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