Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I'm back!

It's been many, many moons ago since I last blogged.  Why?  Work, work and more work, as well as the fact that I have a problem with internet coverage at the address where I am currently residing, so cannot work at night.  That, hopefully, will change at the beginning of next month when I am in my new house.  So, to kick off with blogging again, I decided that the launch of Parkrun in Prince Albert last Saturday, would be the ideal blog.

Saturday morning was a very chilly start to the day, and all 69 participants and volunteers jived away to the music or stood around the fires to keep warm before the start.

Bruce Fordyce opened the event for Prince Albert.  He also told us that the whole of France launched Parkrun on the same day and that he would try and partner Prince Albert with France.

Parkrun was started by a South African in Johannesburg, and now has members all over the world.  Anyone can register, for free, and join any Parkrun anywhere where they have one if travelling abroad.  Again, for free.  Addidas is one of the major sponsors.

The star of the day was Siemon Joubert of Albert College in Prince Albert who came in first.

It was wonderful to see young and old alike taking part.  The route is 5km and can be walked or run.  Do it at your own pace.  My kind of fun, and as soon as my foot (which is still recovering from a break 9 weeks ago), is fully recovered, I will be joining the gang.  I'll be walking it alone to start with, then I think I'll take the dogs along.

The photos are not in the correct order, and I am due to meet a client, so am signing off and leaving them as the they are.  Someday I will get this right and post the perfect blog,  until then, well, I hope you enjoy it anyway.

And they're off..........

Our winner, Siemon Joubert

Bokkie arriving back at the start after leading the group through the route for the first time.

Jeremy, the showman volunteer, back from the turnaround point.

The volunteers, and then of course me behind the camera.

Jacobus, Helen and 12 day old baby Catherine who was the youngest to the walk.

Techno Bok

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