Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Ladies and gentlemen, members of the public, it REALLY is ALL happening in Prince Albert!!  :-)

Last night the lucky residents of Prince Albert and visitors were bowled over with the opening act by Tailor, and then completely blown away by Prime Circle, at the Showroom, and this is going to be a very hard act to follow.

Tailor is on the winter tour with Prime Circle.  She writes her own music and has the most incredible range in her voice and what talent she has.  Wow!  She told us that she wants to go to New York and one of her songs is about this, and I do believe, that dream of hers will come true.  She certainly has what it takes.

And Prime Circle, well what can I say?  In all honesty, I had heard the name, and heard the songs, but had never married the two, so was amazed when the group belted out this music that I had so admired.  I had thought that they were some international band that I had heard on the radio.  When I closed my eyes, I could imagine that I was sitting at Wembley Stadium in London, such was the quality of this group.  

So thank you to all the artists, Tailor, Ross Learmonth, Neil Breytenbach, and Dale Schettler, their tour manager, Mariska, and all the behind the scenes people.  And thank you too, to the Showroom, for bringing such talent to Prince Albert.

Enjoy the pics.  I have no idea why I seem to remember there being a function available to move photos around once they were posted.  This seems to have disappeared, (or perhaps my brain is turning to mush as 50 looms ever nearer), and since it has taken me hours to download, I am not about to start again.  They are now, as you will see, all mixed up, but you will get the idea.



I never, and I mean NEVER get in front of a camera, so this sacrifice is for Chanel, Callum and Byron.



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