Friday, January 15, 2016


For various reason I no longer do wedding photography, but on this October morning when Vonnie called me early ( I was still in bed), and I could hear the stress in her voice before she burst into tears, how could I possibly say no when she asked if I would please help her out and do her wedding for her as her photographer didn't pitch.  I felt especially bad as she had asked me to do it initially and I had turned her down and asked her to please find someone else.  Well the universe had other ideas for me and was determined that this was my job.  It was a bit difficult as I normally plan way ahead and psych myself up for weeks in advance, and there was no time for any of that.  So I went out and just did my best.  The little ones were not keen to pose for the camera, but we managed to catch them here and there, even if it was in the middle of a squirm.

It turned out to be a beautiful, albeit windy day, but that allowed for some quirky and fun shots.

This blog is mostly for Yvonne and Coenraad's friends and family who are far away, so I want to load more photos than usual.  It is however taking hours to do so, so I think I will have to do it in stages. These are a few of the pre-wedding shots and there will be more to follow at a later date.

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