Thursday, March 17, 2016


Sometimes we say we feel as thought we're floating above the clouds.  Well today I was truly was, and not even in an airplane, I was still firmly on terra firma.  

I had no guests in the guesthouse today, so I jumped into my car with my camera early in the morning and headed over the pass before they closed it for road maintenance.  (After this I will blog the results of the fire, but this so blew me away, that I want to blog it first.)

When I came over the pass, I  had no idea of what awaited me there.  This was a scene that I don't believe is seen very often.  It was so beautiful, that I took way too many photos, but I just couldn't help myself.  So forgive me for some repetition.  It was very difficult choosing which to post.  A bank of cloud lay just below me, and continued in every direction as far as the eye could see.

It was fascinating watching the cloud or mist rising up the mountain and the speed at which it moved.  

There was a little surprise of a vintage soft-top motor car club that I met along the way.  They seemed to blow out of the mist one by one.

A breathtaking view.

The mist rolling over the peaks of the distant hills.

Peaks of distant hills and mountains.

As far as the eye could see, the cloud lay as a turbulent sea.

Mist creeping up the valley.

Someone forgot to take the corner.

Heading down the Swartberg Pass.

And out the mist came a stream of vintage soft-top cars.

The Belgians in this group were more interested in photographing their cars than the views.

Mist creeping up another valley.

An old De Chevaux.  So damn cute.  I just love them. Don't know why, but they always remind me of a grasshopper.

Heading into the thick of it.

And then came a break in the cloud.

Looking back.

I just love the soft muted tones this picture presents.

One of the old stone ruins that was used to house the prisoners that worked on building the pass.

Back into thick mist.

And this friends, is what it looked like from the bottom looking up.

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