Monday, March 14, 2016


Jeremy Freemantle, husband, father and lover of fine foods, and more specifically how they are put together.  Jeremy was one of the founding partners of African Relish in Prince Albert, then moved on to open The Real Food Company, also in Prince Albert.  Jeremy started off in the corporate world in brand management and investor communications before deciding to pursue his passion.  He, and his wife Di have been in Prince Albert for eight years.

Besides the restaurant that is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, he offers all sorts of courses such as charcuterie, knife skills, spice blending and others covering different cuisines of the world. This past Saturday he gave a course in charcuterie to a group of from out of town.  

One of the first things you notice when you walk into Jeremy's shop is his part collection of recipe books.  

We are very spoilt to have a collection of interesting items on his shelves that we would otherwise not have access to here.

Jeremy demonstrates the benefits of good quality knives when cutting up meat. He has a range of high quality chefs knives in his shop.

It is important to know which cuts get used for which type of sausage.

Jeremy's assistant, Gershwin is also learning his way around a kitchen.

All the bits and pieces for making sausages.

The participants kids and spouses popped in from time to time to see what was on the go.

Jeremy in his element.

A selection of herbs and spices ready for the mixing.

The wonderful smell of herbs and spices accosts you when you walk into The Real Food Company.


Some local products for sale.

Explaining what to do with the skin of the pig.

Removing sinews so as not to clog the mincer.


The casings are pig gut which are preserved in salt before being rinsed in water to soften them.

The pork is minced and spiced.

Filling the tube to make the sausage.

It is important not to get air into the casing, so the mince is pushed the end of the nozzle before it goes into the casing.

The casing goes onto the nozzle.

And here it comes, the end product.

Finished product.  Delicious chorizo.

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