Thursday, May 16, 2013


Photo collage courtesy of Petro Bekker

On the 17th March 2013, Rina Gouws turned 80 years old.  As a surprise, her daughters arrived from far and wide.  Rina held a ladies tea party and to everyone's surprise, totally unannounced, in walked the Queen! Rina is seen in pink above, posing with The Queen herself.  She arrived in formal attire, but on seeing that the ladies were all relaxed and jovial, she decided to remove her crown and dress down into something more comfortable. It seems the crown brings a smile to her face, which was a tad expressionless without it.  Nevertheless, she took a shine to Rina's pooch and she enjoyed her tea and cake.  She realized that in Prince Albert, the elderly ladies have much more life and vooma in them than those in the UK.  After she noticed the kind of fun that can be had, she departed, still expressionless, but happy to know how she had made the ladies laugh!  And laugh they did!

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