Monday, February 24, 2014


The dogs and I took along our good friend Joy for an outing on a quiet farm road, miles out of town where we could enjoy more beautiful views of the Karoo. And then Joy brought along some wine.  And who's to complain?

After decent rains, the veld grasses are long and thick, and when they're in seed, they cover the landscape in a beautiful carpet.

Joy take a close look at the photos with the windmill.  From the distance we were at, we could only see one, but zoomed in with the camera, there were actually two of them there.

Bentley and Bailey love being out with me and most of all they love to be in the focus of the camera.  Every time I tried to get down low and shoot the grasses, they'd get their sticky beaks in the way of the lens.  Joy had a time calling them away for me, so I could get a few shots.

It was a quiet Friday evening and yet another blessed day to be in the Karoo.

Mummy's babies


Friday, January 17, 2014


Look right
Look left
Look East
Look West
View the Hues
And Karoo

Friday, January 10, 2014


Congratulations to Cobie and Jaco, the bride and groom.

On Saturday we were experiencing 42 degrees here in Prince Albert, when I shot this wedding.  I'm not sure how we all survived!

Anyone who features in these photos is welcome to copy them.

(And once again blogspot is up to it's tricks and the photos are loading in some weird random order and not in the sequence I am trying, for the 5th time, to load them. The spacing is also once again a problem.  If anyone has a suggestion for a good alternative site that one can blog on, please let me know.)As a result, I am only loading these few.  No more patience!