Sunday, February 28, 2016


Our friend Lindy came to Prince Albert for a month and ended up staying for eight.  Now her time here is up and she invited a few of us out to Weltevrede who allowed her to host a picnic there.  The weather was perfect and the scenery breath-taking.  Lindy went ahead and set up under the trees of what used to be the garden of an old house that was washed away in a flood a few years ago.  Just the foundations remained.  Near by, being so close to the river, the old orchard was still thriving.

Lindy put on a wonderful spread of smoked salmon, onion tart, fresh home-made breads, tzaziki, smoked snoek pate, tahini, spanakopita and much more, together with good wine.

It turned out to be the perfect afternoon.

Weltevrede has been in the Koorts family for 6 generations, since 1853.  They sell beautiful ripe figs as well as have a huge market for dried figs.  Their products are outstanding and I recommend you trying them if you ever come across them.


Delicious home made fig jam.

The Weltevrede farm shop filled with delectable homemade and home grown items.

Plump, sweet purple figs at laid out to dry.

Rows of drying racks with figs.


A lovely shady spot.

An empty can of Prince Albert extra virgin olive oil doubling as a vase.  The lovely bread board is made and painted by the talented Amanda Cliengen.

Relaxing with friends.

The view of the kloof.

On the way to the picnic site, a view of a different kloof.

Still waters on the dam.

Loved the sign and the tinkling of the water in the channel on the way in.

Delicious dried figs.
Noodle joined the picnic.

The setting.

A gourmet feast.  Delicious!
I have been trying to download these photos all day today, and for some reason or other, I cannot download any more.  What a pity.  I will have to do a follow up to this so you can see the remaining pics at a later date, perhaps even tomorrow if time allows.  Some of the trees are just exquisite.

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