Tuesday, July 5, 2016


It was a great privilege to be asked to be a part of this incredible festival held in Prince Albert.  The festival was founded by Johnny Breedt who has been in the film industry for many years.  Johnny has worked on many large movies as production designer and art director.  He recently directed his own film, Die Ontwaking which he also wrote and produced.  As Johnny is currently overseas on a shoot, he opened the festival over Skype.

The standard of films, be they short films, documentaries or features, was truly outstanding and it just goes to show the level of talent we have in South Africa.

I missed last years festival, but that will be the last.  If you do decide to join us next year, be sure to book your accommodation early as Prince Albert was 100% booked out over this period.

Gavin Hood, who won an Oscar with his film Tsotsi in the Best Foreign Language Film category in 2005, attended the festival with his family.  His latest film, Eye in the Sky, with Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul and Alan Rickman screened here on Saturday night.  It will be released soon, and is a must see. Eye in the Sky is an intense and thought provoking movie.  Gavin directed and also starred in a role in this film.  His editor Megan Gill also attended the film festival here in Prince Albert.

Also in attendance, was the amazingly talented Lida Botha who is known for her roles in Invictus, Fila se Kind, Promised Land, as well as numerous television series.  Lida was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award that was presented to her here.

The awards for 2016, went to the following:

Best feature:  Twee Grade Van Moord, Produced by Barry Strick
Best feature documentary:  Boers at the end of the World, Producer Kelly Scott and Director Richard Finn Gregory
Best short film: I made a Film You Will Never See, director Elmi Badenhorst
Special mention Award to actor Deanre Reiners for Verskietende Ster en Mignon 'Mossie" van Wyk
Lifetime Award: Actress, Lida Botha

The judges for 2016 were:

Saskia Schiel - Producer
Gerhard Rudolf - Actor
Rolanda Marais - Actress
Jozua Malherbe - Director
Johnny Breedt - Director, Production Director, Screen Writer and Producer
Willie Nel - Director of Photography
Fred du Preez - Set Decorator

Of the judges, Gerhard Rudolf, Rolanda Marais and Jozua Malherbe attended this years festival.

Besides the screening of the films, there were also a number of film industry related workshops such as screen writing and editing.

A huge shout out to Johnny Breedt and Cecelia Voges (Festival Organiser) and the rest of their team for an outstanding job well done.

Gavin Hood - Eye In The Sky

Elmi Badenhorst - I Made a Film You Will Never See

Gerard Rudolf, Gavin Hood and Lida Botha

Gerard Rudolf, Elmi Badenhorst and Rolanda Marais

Gerard Rudolf, Kelly Scott, Richard Finn Gregory and Rolanda Marais

Gerard Rudolf, Barry Strick and Rolanda Marais


Gavin Hood 

Gavin Hood and Megan Gill

Gavin Hood and Megan Gill being interviewed by Jozua Malherbe

Johnny Breedt opening the Indie Karoo Film Festival 2016 on Skype

Barry Strick

Kelly Scott and Richard Finn Gregory

Lida Botha and her husband, Johan

For more on the festival, the behind the scenes with SABC, and many more photos, look out for part 2 on Karoo Hues coming shortly.

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