Monday, October 7, 2013

KAROO HUES...............

Here is one of the many reasons I love the name Karoo Hues.

The dogs and I have been walking on the koppie for the past couple of days, and I never cease to be amazed at the variations of colour that we get in the rocks here.  These stones were collected within a few meters from each other.  The colours are beautiful and rich, and even metallic.  The colour layering and the patterns are incredible.  It sometimes looks as though some of them have been painted. The layers of sediment make sense, the pockets of colour I need to ask about.

Typically, the day I don't have my camera with me, there was probably the most spectacular sunset I have seen.  And yes, when I took it along yesterday, it was just pretty ordinary.

I still love the way the mountains layer themselves in the early mornings and evenings.  I bet if anyone tried to paint them that way, they'd just look plain old boring, but in reality, they are quite breath-taking.

I count my blessings every day living in a place like Prince Albert and am even more grateful that I can share it with my boys.

I started the day at the nursery buying grass for the cats to eat, then had a wonderful session of Reiki with Karen Miller, then took photos as a favour for a friend, Annelie who then took me out for a salad (I'm on only raw foods for a week), then off for a Sunday afternoon nap, and then a walk and drive with the dogs.  How much better can a Sunday get than that?

I had lunch with my friend Trudy today, and I just adore her cats.  They hate the camera though and always run away if I get too close, or just point it at them so I never get the best shots, but I'm going to share a few with you anyway.

Beautiful colours

One of the views from the koppie .

This house is 4km away and the left speck of a house in the previous photo.

Bentley Karoo, and if you spot the black tail, that belongs to Bailey.

Those beautiful layers.

Trudy's Stanley on the roof, moaning at me with the camera.

And then I caught him in the bucket.

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